Randolph Engineering has been providing over 35 years of innovative engineering solutions to various challenges faced by our clients.  This is achieved through outstanding employee dedication to client service and satisfaction.  Over the years we have served a variety of clients including municipalities, land developers and various governmental agencies.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing of West Virginia

     Toyota is the largest auto parts manufacturing company in West Virginia serving one of the largest auto manufacturers in the world.  We have maintained and continue to maintain a close working relationship with Toyota providing on-call engineering and surveying services for various expansions and projects within the plant.  Our services have ranged from storm water as-built surveying and analysis to multiple new and existing building additions.

West Virginia Division of Highways

     Since 1997 we have designed numerous bridge and highway projects for the West Virginia Division of Highways.  These projects have ranged from simple to complex and have spanned roadways, railroads and streams.  Four of our designs have been nominated for or have been awarded the Commissioner's "Engineering Excellence Award" presented annually by the West Virginia Division of Highways and the American Council of Engineering Companies of West Virginia.

AB Contracting, Inc.

     AB Contracting, Inc. is one of the leading real estate developers in West Virginia.  Together we have completed numerous single family, multi-family and gated communities throughout West Virginia.  Communities have ranged from traditional construction to non-traditional construction such as modular, pre-engineered townhouses.

Peerless Block and Brick Company

     Peerless Block and Brick Company is a 100 year old, award winning company founded in West Virginia.  As Peerless Brick and Block Company's engineer of record we have engineered numerous proprietary retaining walls of various scope and complexity in West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky including retaining walls for the West Virginia Division of Highways.

DOW Chemical Company - WV Operations

     We have a long history of providing engineering solutions to the Union Carbide Corporation, now a subsidiary of DOW Chemical Company.  Projects ranging from foundation and piping design to major structure inspection and rehabilitation have afforded us the opportunity to work with the leading member of West Virginia's chemical industry.

City of Hurricane, WV

     Our relationship with the City of Hurricane spans the course of over 17 years.  Over the years, Randolph Engineering has been proud to contribute to Hurricane's municipal planning and development, setting the stage for the continued growth that this vibrant and historically rich community has experienced.  Services provided to the City have included long range planning, storm water management studies and design, water plant renovation, water reservoir improvements, annexation mapping, zoning mapping as well as local street improvements and extensions.

G&G Builders, Inc.

     G&G Builders is one of the premier builders in West Virginia and Kentucky providing general contractor services for a variety of developments.  We have an extensive history with G&G providing them with various engineering and surveying services on multiple building and land development projects in West Virginia and Kentucky.  The most recent and high profile project that we have partnered on was the Massey Coal Services, Inc. Corporate Headquarters located in Boone County, West Virginia.

Ahern & Associates, Inc.

     Ahern & Associates is an award winning construction company with a presence in West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.  We have enjoyed a long standing and successful history of providing construction engineering services on many of their bridge and roadway construction projects.  From erection and demolition planning to deck form work and pour sequencing, we strive to work with Ahern to further the success of their projects.

Teays River Construction Company

     Founded in 1991, Teays River Construction Company is a growing company with a focus on transportation construction.  Since their inception we have had a successful relationship with Teays River providing construction engineering and design-build engineering services.  From temporary bridges and recreational bridges to deck forming, planning and value engineering, we continue to be their go-to engineer.