Braxton County, West Virginia

West Virginia Department of Transportation Division of Highways
1900 Kanawha Blvd., East
Charleston, West Virginia

Mr. Greg Bailey, Director Engineering Division

As part of its ongoing bridge replacement program, the West Virginia Department of Transportation contracted with Randolph Engineering to design a replacement bridge on a new alignment for the existing one lane bridge spanning the Strange Creek near the town of Strange Creek, WV. The existing bridge was rated functionally obsolete due to inadequate clear width and sight distance.

Founded on integral abutments the new bridge consists of a single span of 136’ utilizing grade 50W steel with a composite cast-in-place reinforced concrete deck. The bridge has a 22’ clear width and is located on a tangent alignment and on a 30 degree skew.

Surveying services included horizontal and vertical control as well as topographic mapping and hydraulic cross sectioning of the stream.

Construction Cost:  $1,100,000.00

Key Personnel:

  • Project Manager – Aaron C. Randolph, P.E.
  • Design Engineer – Jacob C. White, P.E.