Paul Ambrose Trail for Health (PATH) Pedestrian Bridge & Trail

Cabell County, West Virginia

Edward Tucker Architects, Inc.
916 Fifth Avenue, Suite 208
Huntington, West Virginia

Phoebe Randolph, AIA

The Paul Ambrose Trail for Health (PATH) is a growing bicycle and pedestrian system that provided free, healthy recreational opportunities for the City of Huntington and surrounding areas.

Initially contracted to provide design services for a new pedestrian bridge spanning Hisey Fork Creek, our scope of work was expanded to include overall design QA/QC as well as the development project quantities and project specifications for Phase 1 of this ambitious 26 mile project.

Our responsibilities for Phase 1 of the project consisted of the design of a new 66’ long pre-fabricated pedestrian bridge, including a hydraulic analysis of Hisey Fork Creek. Additional responsibilities included slope design for the levee section and a modular block retaining wall as well as a comprehensive QA/QC review of the project plans and the development of project quantities and detailed specifications for this 6.5 mile long initial section of the project.

Construction Cost:  $2,300,000.00

Key Personnel:

  • Project Manager – Aaron C. Randolph, P.E.
  • Design Engineer – Jacob C. White, P.E.