Sheetz, Inc. Convenience Store Retaining Wall

Cabell County, West Virginia

Sheetz, Inc.
351 Sheetz Way
Claysburg, Pennsylvania

Mr. Max Rodland

Project included structural design of a modular block retaining wall utilizing the “Redi-Rock” Wall System. The wall was required to maximize the footprint of a new store location with restrictive property boundaries located along Interstate 64 in Cabell County, WV. The wall has a maximum height of 15’ and is 196’ in length with a total square footage of 2200 SF. An adjacent building posed a unique challenge for this project in that there was limited space for geo-grid reinforcement behind the wall. We designed the wall as an un-reinforced gravity wall using a terraced set back along the entire length to meet this requirement.

Working closely with the contractor and the wall supplier we developed a wall design that met aesthetic requirements, property boundary limitations and was cost effective and easily constructible.

Construction Cost:  $121,000.00

Key Personnel: Project Manager – Aaron C. Randolph, P.E.