William S. Ritchie Bridge Inspection

Lewis County, West Virginia

West Virginia Department of Transportation
1900 Kanawha Blvd., East
Charleston, West Virginia

Mr. Kyle Stollings, P.E., Director Maintenance Division

As part of the current six year inspection program, the West Virginia Department of Transportation selected Randolph Engineering to provide an in-depth, arms length inspection of a 10 span structure over the Ohio River located in Jackson County, West Virginia.  The project scope included a detailed report complete with color photographs,
condition sketches and maintenance recommendations.

The William S. Ritchie Bridge consists of ten spans which carry US Route 33 in an east/west direction and spans WV Route 68, the CSX Railroad and the Ohio River. The bridge consists of 6 spans of Welded Steel Girder spans along the Ohio approach, 3 Continuous Steel Through Truss spans and 1 Welded Steel Girder span along the WV approach and totals 2709’ in length.

Randolph Engineering, through a subsidiary company provided all access equipment, support personnel and maintenance of traffic.

Key Personnel:

nspector-In-Charge – Aaron C. Randolph, P.E.
Inspector – Jacob C. White, P.E.
Inspector – Larry Stricker, NHI Certified
Inspector – Scott StevensProject Manager – Aaron C. Randolph, P.E.