West Pea Ridge Bridge over I-64

Cabell County, West Virginia

West Virginia Department of Transportation Division of Highways
1900 Kanawha Blvd., East
Charleston, West Virginia

Mr. Greg Bailey, Director Engineering Division

As part of its ongoing bridge maintenance program, the West Virginia Department of Transportation contracted with Randolph Engineering to provide renovation design services for the existing bridge spanning Interstate 64 near the Town of Barboursville, WV. The existing bridge was rated deficient due to the failure of the original lead based paint
system as well as deficiencies in several key structural components.

Utilizing portions of the existing substructure units a new 345’ long, three span superstructure consisting of Type IV prestressed concrete beams with a composite cast-in-place reinforced concrete deck was designed and implemented to bring the bridge to modern standards. To accomplish this, the substructure required significant renovations to
support the new superstructure. Both abutments required widening and the existing 95’ piers required the removal and replacement of the hammerhead pier caps.

Surveying services included horizontal and vertical control as well as topographic mapping.

Awards:  Finalist for 2002 “Engineering Achievement Award”

Construction Cost:  $1,590,000.00

Key Personnel: Project Manager – Aaron C. Randolph, P.E.